Beef steak


Olive oil
Spices to taste


1. The classic version is considered to be a recipe beef steak. And the meat for him not to be paired. A much better approach frozen or aged for several days in the fridge – without marinade.
2. The meat may be with bone or without it. The main thing that beef was sliced ​​across the grain slices of 1.5-2 to 5 cm thick. Before the cooking they need to remove from the fridge, sprinkle with spices and olive oil fluff from all sides. Salt is not necessary, or they will become wet with juice and roasted properly.
3. Very well, just perfect if the house for the final stage of cooking have electrical grill pan or grill. It is a heavy, cast-iron cookware with most protruding from the bottom of the ribs quite high.
4. The meat is obtained slightly raised above it and slightly heated with contact with the juice. Ordinary pan can also be used. But properly cook a steak in the oven can be used only if it has the upper grill.
5. Properly heat the pan over high heat until a light haze above the surface. Do not oil – enough that chunks of meat. Put them in a frying pan and, without diminishing the fire, cook for about 2 minutes on each side. During this time, they formed a dense crust, not giving juice flow.
6. Once you can cook beef steak even for 3-4 minutes on both sides. More – is an amateur. Most fans of this dish is the most successful degree of roasting medium rare. If it is still pink in the meat and juicy, and all around was dark, ready. The temperature in the middle of a piece of beef is 55-60 degrees.
7. Then the steaks need to be wrapped in foil and leave for another 10 minutes in the heat. So you let them become softer due to the circulation of hot juice inside them.
8. When completely finished dish can be served. Served perfectly suited vegetables or mashed potatoes, though crumbly rice also perfectly set off the taste and softness of the beef.
9. Although there are people who still deem this kind of meat harsh. They can be advised to prepare a pork steak. If you take high-quality neck stand it in the refrigerator first, and then in a mixture of spices and oil, get a very tasty and tender dish. Himself pork steak recipe is no different from the above. Similarly, pieces of meat must first fry in a dry frying pan at high temperature. After the wrap in foil or cover and let rest in bed in a warm place. And you can instead hold the pork steak in the oven, preheated to 220 degrees. 5-7 minutes, no more.


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антрекот стейк с вишневым соусом


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говяж стейк в вине


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