Beef marinated and Berlin

Beef marinated and Berlin

• 200 g beef
• 30 g onions
• 20 grams of carrots
• 15 g parsley root
• 15 g celery root
• 50 ml vinegar
• 50 ml of water
• 40 ml cream sauce
• Bay leaf
• Black pepper peas

Sliced ​​carrots, onion, celery, parsley, bay leaf, peppercorns, salt, pour the vinegar and the same amount of water and cook.
Meat put in an enamel or earthenware bowl, pour the cooled marinade, cover with slices of lemon, cover with a cloth soaked in a marinade and marinate for 3 days.
Then wipe dry with meat, fry, put in a saucepan with lightly fried onions, carrots, parsley, pour half the marinade and broth and simmer, covered, Ovens.
Meat cut into slices and gently pour the cream sauce.
Separately, apply red cabbage with apples and mashed potatoes.


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