Beauty Elixir.



● 1 large ripe grapefruit
● 1 tablespoon of honey (depending on your taste)


Grapefruit, preferably cold (from the fridge), cut in half, we choose a tablespoon of flesh. The pulp of grapefruit and honey is put into a blender and bring to the consistency of mashed potatoes. Done!
It is useful to use the grapefruit elixir after a delicious dinner (half an hour)!

It contains the valuable elements:
1) pectin, which promotes efficient excretion of excess cholesterol and normalize metabolism
2) lycopene which helps to cope with toxins, waste products and the unfavorable environment.
– A few sips of this elixir, the afternoon can burn almost half the calories obtained during the meal
– It has a good therapeutic effect for hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system

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