Bay leaf and its unique beneficial properties.

Bay leaf and its unique beneficial properties

Bay leaf all guest house ? Do you know what a wonderful leaf. It can help in many ways. Learn how you can use and apply.

– If you are concerned halitosis or inflammation in the area (stomatitis, gingivitis – inflammation of the gums), you can just several times a day to chew bay leaf, and then for an hour do not have anything to eat and drink;

– Easily excitable, bad children are bombarded with several bay leaves can be sewn into a pillow – it soothes better than valerian root;

– Bay leaves can be used for disinfection of the room in which the patient; it needs to make a few leaves with boiling water, infuse for 15 minutes and pour into a saucer or plate, and then the whole room filled with the scent of bay leaf and purified from pathogenic bacteria;

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– Infusion of bay leaves for oral administration: 10 medium laurel leaves pour three cups of boiling water, leave for three hours and take half a cup three times a day as a saharoponizhayuschee remedy for diabetes as anti-inflammatory agent in rheumatoid arthritis and as an antibacterial and immunostimulatory agent of tuberculosis;

– Bay oil: one and a half tablespoons of crushed bay leaves, pour a glass of purified vegetable oil, to insist in a dark, cool (but not in the refrigerator) place within a week, drain and used topically for the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders (including suppuration), diaper rash and bedsores;

– Infusion of bay leaves for external use: 30 bay leaves make a glass of boiling water, leave for three hours, then pour into a bowl with warm water and make a foot bath (10 minutes) with increased sweating of the feet and unpleasant odors.

Bay leaf unique beneficial properties

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