Batch jellied meat or tongue

– 300 grams of beef (tenderloin) and beef tongue
– 20 g of gelatin
– 200 grams of carrots
– 100 g of onions
– 2 eggs, cooked hard-boiled
– Bay leaf
– Pepper peas
– salt
– greenery
– Cranberries for decoration

Instead of beef or beef tongue can take a chicken or turkey breast, pheasant.
According to taste, you can add any vegetables, such as peas.
Carrots can not cut into cubes, and asterisks or other figures – see. Carving-2 and the decoration of dishes.
If desired, this filler can be made batchwise but in one large form,

Of this amount of ingredients obtained eateries 6 servings.

Similarly, preparing and fish in aspic, but not boiled fish cut into cubes and put into the each serving 1-2 pieces. Pre-sliced, portioned pieces of fish and salted and matured first 15-20 minutes (not to fall apart) and then boiled for 15 minutes.


Put the meat (or beef tongue), peeled carrots and onions in a pan, fill with 0.6 liters of water, rapidly brought to a boil, reduce the heat to low (to pop up pairs of gurgling) and cook, covered for 1 hour.
If we do not have beef tenderloin and beef, or other language, boil for 1.5 hours.
Bird fillets cook 40-45 minutes.
NOTE. To make the beautiful colors of the filler can be first boiled in water for 15 minutes onion peel, then drain the broth and use in place of water for further cooking products.
For broth to 1 liter of water is usually taken 1 handful of onion peel.

For 10 minutes until cooked add the bay leaf, pepper and salt.

Soak gelatin in 150 ml of cold boiled water and leave to swell at the time indicated on the package.
The swollen gelatin Share on strainer to glass excess water.
Ready broth (just need to 500-600 ml of broth), add swollen gelatin, put on fire and, while stirring, bring to a boil and start immediately remove from heat.

The proteins separate from the yolks.
The proteins we shall cut cubes.
Yolks, we are not required because of their use for the additive in various salads or rubbed with sour cream or mayonnaise for refueling various salads.
Yolks rubbed with softened at room temperature and lightly salted butter, you can cook delicious butter sandwich or a decoration of dishes.

Boiled carrots we shall cut cubes

Meat we shall cut cubes.

Gently mix the chopped meat, proteins and carrots.

The a la carte molds publish cranberries and fresh herbs.

On cranberries and fresh herbs will publish a mixture of chopped meat protein and carrots.

Fill the solution of the gelatin in the broth.
We place the molds in the refrigerator until completely curing the filler (about 5-7 hours).


For additional decoration can leave some portions of broth, slightly whiten his cream (or cream), and after curing the filler, pour into molds another layer about 1 cm thick and jelly to harden completely.
After putting some filler on the a la carte dish whitened layer will be lower. This layer can be added before ottsezhenny from the broth of boiled onions.

Before serving, wipe the jelly molds with a cloth soaked in hot water, they will cover a tight plate or board and overturn.
Freed from the jelly molds expand on a la carte dishes and will provide on the table


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