Banana Cake Cookies

Banana Cake Cookies

● 1 kg not saltine crackers;
● 4 large banana;
● 1 liter of sour cream;
● 0,5 kg of sugar;
● 100g. chocolate.

1. Beat cream with sugar. Bananas cut into thin circles.
2. Spread on crackers dish, on top of their coat with sour cream and stacked on each slice of banana crackers. Then – again a layer of crackers, cream, banana.
3. When stacking the layers should be observed checkerboard pattern, that is, to put a banana crackers on a banana – a cracker, and so on. The last layer should be made of crackers covered with sour cream.
4. Decorate the cake with grated chocolate and crushed crackers, leave it for several hours in the refrigerator for impregnation.

торт из печен банан

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