Baked potato with toppings.

Baked potato with toppings.

-1 kg of potatoes.
-1 kg of coarse salt.
-Champignon mushroom stuffing 300 gr.
-melkonaterty cheese 100g.
-125 ml cream.
-Egg 1 pc.
-nutmeg 1/4 hours. l.
-salt and pepper to taste
-melkonaterty cheese cheese filling 100 gr.
-grated parmesan 100g.
-cream 4-5 Art. l.
-eggs 2 pcs.
-thyme leaves 1 hour. L.
-nutmeg 1/3 hours. l.
-sliced ​​green onions 1/2 cup
-salt and pepper to taste
-bread crumbs 2-3 pcs.
-sour cream to taste

Pour onto a baking salt (a couple of tablespoons leave aside), put on a baking washed potatoes, sprinkle it on top of the remaining salt and put bake in pre-heated to 390-400F duhovku..primerno g for 1 hour or until cooked potatoes.
While the potatoes are baked stuffing do.
For mushroom:
lightly fry the mushrooms in a frying pan, add the cream and extinguish them mushrooms for 2-3 minutes.
In a bowl, mix cheese, mushrooms in cream, egg and spices
For cheese:
Mix in a bowl all the products (except crackers)
When the potatoes are ready, remove the pan from the oven, giving the potatoes to cool for 5 minutes (it should be hot).
Cut the top of the potatoes, take out the middle of a teaspoon (no need to clean potatoes “to stop” the wall must remain approximately 1 cm in width)
Add 1/2 of the amount of potato “middle” in the mushroom or cheese filling. Stir and fill etoy stuffed potato “boat”.
Boats filled with cheese on top and sprinkle with breadcrumbs (you can sprinkle on top Yeshe vegetable oil) and put in the oven under the grill for 4-5 minutes.
If the oven is not in operation the upper grill, then we bring the oven temperature to a maximum of potatoes and bake 10 minutes. We take out the potatoes from the oven and serve.

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