Baked beef ribs with potato gratin

Cooking recipes: Baked beef ribs with potato gratin.

In this recipe, the ribs can not be imagined in isolation from sweet-spicy sauce Pepper and baked potato gratins.


Beef ribs 500g.
Pepper Sauce 60 gr
Potato gratin 150 g
Barbecue sauce 50g
Pepper 2 c
Salt 2 c
Olive oil 60 g
Shallots 100g.
Black pepper crushed 50g
Butter 10 g.
Sugar syrup 80 gr.
Starch 50g.
Soy sauce 1 liter
Potatoes 1.5 kg
Chicken broth 300 mL
Shallots 150 g.
Olive oil 30 gr.
Turmeric 5 g
Salt 7 g


Beef ribs. Spare ribs with salt and pepper and anoint Pepper sauce. Put to languish in the oven for about 10 hours at a temperature of 75 degrees. Serve with potato gratin and barbecue sauce.

Pepper Sauce. Black pepper crushed – 50 g Prepare the sugar syrup: sugar mixed with water 1: 1 and brought to the on olive oil and butter to fry finely chopped onion, add the crushed pepper, lightly fried yet. Then add the soy sauce and sugar syrup. Boil. After tightening starch.

Potato gratin. In the olive oil fry the finely chopped shallots, add chicken broth, salt, turmeric. Potatoes cut into thin slices, mix with the sauce will get. Put the layers on a tray and bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes at 160 degrees.


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