Bagels — the most popular today in the United States, Canada and the UK bagel. He came from the Jewish cuisine, in which he surrendered a leading role in various ancient customs. The first bagel or beygale began to bake the Polish Jews in the XVII century, and then a relative of our crackers and bagels gained popularity around the world. Bagel is an excellent base for sandwiches. One of the most popular is considered bagel with cream chizom and salmon, but in fact the filling can be absolutely anyone. The main thing is to get a tasty bagels themselves. See the recipe and you will succeed!

900 g flour
2 pieces of chicken eggs. + To lubrication
10 g salt
25g sugar
10 g of yeast
350 ml of water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
sesame seeds for sprinkling
Poppy for sprinkling

The flour is mixed with yeast, salt and sugar. Add warm water, vegetable oil, eggs.

Knead the dough smooth homogeneous.

Roll the dough into a ball ready and put to rest for 20 minutes, covered with cling film to avoid zavetrilos.

Divide the dough into six equal parts.

Form bagels: each piece of dough roll into a flagellum.

Then fold in the ring until the letter «O».

Bagels lay on a baking sheet, put in proofers or cover with foil and leave in a warm place for 30-40 minutes. Preheat oven to 190 degrees. Beygly lubricate the egg.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Bagels bake 15 to 20 minutes in a preheated 190 degree oven.

Cool on a wire rack.

Bon Appetit!
You can cut the bagel in half lengthwise and make one of the tastiest sandwiches — tuna, salmon, vegetable or red caviar.

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