Bagels with tuna.

Best recipe bagels with tuna.

Do you want to bake a delicious bagel yourself? The recipe here.
As for the filling, canned tuna, cheese (preferably mozzarella or gouda), pickles – a great company! Add boiled egg sandwich satiety, butter – tenderness and lettuce – juiciness.


bagel 1 pc.
butter 30g
Salad few leaves
1/2 tuna cans
salted cucumber 1/2 pcs.
1 piece of chicken eggs.
cheese 60 g


1.Bagels cut, the lower half of grease with butter.

2.Put slices of cheese, lettuce, slices of pickled cucumber. On the whole surface of the fish spread.

3.Thinly slice the boiled egg (it’s best to use yaytserezkoy).

4.Share on fish, cover the top half of bun.

5.Bagels with tuna ready!

6.To become even more delicious bagel, it can be baked before serving – the cheese melts and becomes crispy bun. Bake bagel can be bilaterally grill, toaster or in a pan, crushing pressure.

Bon Appetit!

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