Bagels with salmon.

If bun sandwich is tasteless, tasteless sandwich to myself 🙂 Therefore, if possible, bake it yourself. The best basis for a sandwich beygl.Retsept regarded for its preparation here.

bagel 1 pc.
salmon 40g
1 piece of chicken eggs.
a small handful of arugula
cheese 30 g
butter 30g
1/2 avocado pieces.
pickled cucumber 1/3 pcs.
3-4 lettuce leaves

And when the bagel will be ready — you can begin to assemble!

Cut donut.

The lower part of the grease.

Put slices of cheese.

On the cheese — the salad. Boiled eggs finely chopped (can use yaytserezkoy).

Share on lettuce leaves.

Arrange the surface of thin slices of salted salmon.

Fish lay sliced ​​cucumber and avocado.

Top «cap» put arugula, cover with the top bun.

Bagels with salmon ready! If you wish, you can bake the bagel — cheese melts and becomes crispy bun.

Bon Appetit!

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