Bagels with caviar.

You do not want to bake your own bagel? We have a detailed recipe!
bagel 1 pc.
2-3 tablespoons red caviar
butter 20g
cheese 30 g
salted cucumber 1-2 pcs.
1/2 avocado pieces.
1 piece of chicken eggs.
2-3 lettuce leaf

1.Cut donut.

2.The lower part of the grease. Put slices of cheese.

3.Put lettuce leaves and sliced ​​cucumber.

4.Put thin slices of boiled egg, spread across the surface of the red caviar.

5.Put slices of avocado, cover with bun.

6.Bagels will taste even better when baked it on the grill – the cheese melts and becomes crispy bun.

Bon Appetit!

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