Avocado salad and chicken

Avocado salad and chicken.


-500 g of cooked chicken;
-2 avocados;
-2 tangerines;
-200 g black grapes;
-lettuce, lemon, hazelnuts;
-100 g of mayonnaise, 100 g of heavy cream

Cooking method:

Chicken fillet slice. Tangerines divide into slices, peel from the film. Grapes cut in half and remove pits. Avocado cut in circles, separate the halves, remove the seeds, peel and slice. Thoroughly sprinkle with lemon juice – or avocado in the air quickly oxidizes and darkens.

On lettuce lay tangerines, and then – a mixture of chicken, avocado and grapes. On top pour whipped cream with mayonnaise and sprinkle with crushed hazelnuts.

Bon Appetit!

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