As spices affect the character?

As spices affect the character?

Herbs are able to affect a person’s mood and help to bring certain traits.

ANSI helps develop such qualities as honesty, perseverance, optimism and activity. It affects the area of ​​the mind affects our actions.

Asafoetida, if it is used in food, your character will have more tenderness and tranquility. Asafoetida helps to normalize relations with close relatives. It improves the complexion, the skin becomes elastic, smooth fine wrinkles.

GINGER will give you the ability to withstand hardships. It activates brain activity, improves memory. Ginger gives the opportunity to stay all day in the waking state, relieves fatigue after physical and mental stress, stress. Ginger promotes such traits as dedication, courage, determination.

TURMERIC develops in man thoroughness, a sober assessment of the situation, calm in solving problems. When you use it in your food mentality is gradually becoming immune to the factors of everyday life, which previously annoyed. Turmeric gives the power to develop and implement long-term plans, free from nervousness and gives more confidence.

Chill to help you to get rid of noise, rudeness, premature decisions. Changing the type of activity does not cause concern. When communicating the feeling appears mutual. It contributes to a more personal approach to people. You will be able to perform any, even the unattractive work.

Nutmeg develops a determination to overcome difficulties. It strengthens the will of man. In solving any problem can quickly mobilize all its forces. From a more rapid and active rhythm of life will be free time. Nutmeg improves concentration on the object of your attention.

CORIANDER improves the resistance to the negative manifestations of reality. Consumption of a small amount will make it possible to carry arrogant, rude, irritable people. It will be food for people who work in the heavy moral and psychological conditions.

Kumin allows you to be more independent of gossip, bad opinion in your address. It gives strength to cope one jerk with a bad habit. Will debug mode of the day, to restore the fortress character. Tones psyche, increases persistence in solving problems.

FENNEL wonderful removes fatigue from a heavy oppressive situation, changes in weather conditions. All problems can be solved smoothly, quietly, makes flexible in nature, stop worrying too straightforward, irritability. The movement of life is peaceful, progressive.

Shambala increases the softness of the character, become warmer relations with the people. You will be kind, gentle calm, balanced, flexible. Shambhala helps to improve family relationships, remove excessive excitement in children.

Black mustard promotes the development of the character of soft serenity. Gradually rude behaviors disappear. Black mustard gives a better delve into his inner world, relieves restlessness, tension. Good help those who do not know how to relax, improve sleep, treats depression.

Cardamom gives the character the ability to forgive the offender. If you want to help to develop humility, relieve you of stress when dealing with unpleasant people. You can learn to avoid quarrels in the family, it is best to treat children, the elderly. Cardamom reduces the habit of being greedy, removes unnecessary thoughts on unnecessary purchases.

CURRY teaches restraint, without laziness and overvoltage relate to himself. Facilitates load internal contradictions. There is peace and tranquility in the shower. It helps with no fuss gradually solve problems.

Nigella sativa, when used in food thought becomes bright and impetuous. If you need to quickly and accurately solve the problem, Nigella sativa is simply irreplaceable. It strengthens the solid optimism about the soul, faith in their own strength. In the eyes of the force there and shine with joy. It improves short-term memory, brighter perceived the world.


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