Culinary file:

Arugula – biennial herbaceous plant of the cabbage family, “relative” cabbage and mustard. This spicy herbs, oily to the touch and tastes like a cross between a sorrel, mustard, black pepper and walnuts. In the food consumed leaves (greenery), young shoots, flowers and seeds of arugula.

Arugula – one of the favorite spices Mediterranean and Caucasian cuisine. Green arugula ideal for vegetable salads, boiled potatoes, snacks of cheese, pasta, risotto, pizza, chebureks, meat dishes, seafood, cheese, as well as sauces. Finely chopped leaves, flowers and young shoots of arugula optional chefs can supplement or replace the basil in salads, meat dishes, fish, poultry, beans, rice, pasta, and even in baking and sauce “pesto”.

Arugula seeds are used to prepare spicy mustard oil, which is added to vegetable pickles.

Arugula – Sissy: it added a few minutes before the end of cooking, or a ready-made meal. The same is true for the salad: arugula fill if advance greens will become abundant juice and gruel. Therefore salads with arugula for the future and do not eat immediately after cooking. And another culinary rule: arugula leaves “rust” from touching the metal, so it is better to tear by hand and not cut with a knife.

Arugula well with such Spicy plants and herbs, like basil, black pepper, parsley, dill, lettuce and others.



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