Apricot jam.

apricot  1 kg
sugar 900 g
lemon 0.5 pc.
1.Rinse and dry apricots, cut in half, remove seeds.
Council. Apricots try to buy the dense and hard, they still soften during cooking.

2.Put apricots in a saucepan, cover with water – so that it is lightly covered fruit – and put hot.

3.When the water boils, and apricots are soft, add sugar. Juice of half a lemon to squeeze in a separate bowl (if you do it right over the pot, there can get the bones), pour into the pan to apricots.
Council. If desired, after when apricots soften, with them it is possible to remove a skin or rub through a sieve. But personally, I like it when the jam pronounced fibrous structure.

4.Put on medium heat, periodically removing a white foam. Cook for 1.5 hours. While stirring, try as much as possible “bother” apricots and mash them with a spoon on the wall of the pan to the mass turned out more or less homogeneous.

5.Bank rinse with soda, scalded with boiling water, pour the hot jam and to close a tight lid. At this stage we will jam sufficiently fluid. So it should be, it will thicken when cooled down a bit and stand up in the refrigerator.

6.Jam is ready! In principle, it can be eaten almost immediately, but try to resist temptation and do not touch the bank before winter. In the summer it is better to enjoy fresh berries and fruits!

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