Apple Pie Bulgarian recipe.

Apple Pie Bulgarian recipe.

 When I saw this recipe, then surprised and doubted that the result will be something tasty, but the result was wrong … I was pleased as pie like my whole family. Try this and you apple pie! Cake turns out juicy and very tasty cider!

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You will need:
• Wheat flour 1 cup
• Semolina 1 a glass of
• Sugar 1 a glass of
• 1 cup milk
• 1.5 tsp baking powder
• Apples 5 pcs.
• Lemon juice 1 dess. l.
• Walnut oiled to taste

 How to cook:
1. Most of the time takes preparation products, but not do without it. So that the begin to the cooking process of the pie precisely with this.
2. sift flour with baking powder, add the semolina, sugar and stir.
3. Apples purify and rub on a coarse grater, you must sbryznut of their lemon juice, so as not to have darkened.

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4. The bottom of the split mold was covered with parchment paper and pour one cup of dry mix,
5.Sverhu lay out a layer of apples (by the way, apples can be used for more than five will be juicier pie), then a glass of dry mix, etc. You should now have three layers, the top should be apples.

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6.Sverhu apples add walnuts (but can do without them).
7.Moloko bring to a boil and immediately we fill in to them pie, wherein the tried to distribute it over the entire surface, a knife pierces in several places pie, so that the milk came to bottom of the mold.

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8.Vypekaem cake at 180 g. 50 minutes.
Bon Appetit!

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