Apple mulled wine.

Apple mulled wine.

Christmas is coming. In Austria (as in many other countries in Europe) are the so-called Christmas markets that sell candy, cookies, muffins famous “Stolle” and, of course, mulled wine. And we have just now and prepare.

Ways to cook it a lot – with water and without, with the addition of spirits or tea with fruit or honey. You can use red or white wine, rum or brandy, apples, cherries, raisins, nuts, prunes, citrus, black pepper, bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, nutmeg … In general, the imagination is where carousing. However, in the preparation of mulled wine is important to remember the main points:

1. The wine must be dry or semi-dry. The most common use of red wine. Sweet wine for mulled wine will not do.
2. Wine shall in no case be brought to the boil – so it lost all its flavor and strength.
3. Spices better to use not ground, and the whole to the drink was not “sand.”
4. Dishes for preparation mulled wine to be a glass or enamel. The metal pans to boil mulled wine is not recommended, as it affects its taste.
5. One can not cool the hot wine and cook again – it will lose all of its bouquet.

If you like spicy mulled wine rich, I recommend to cook it in a classic case – to make a separate broth spices to give them a present and in the last moment, to mix with the other ingredients. If you want a more subtle, more fruit and wine taste with a slight note of spices, then choose the express option, when all the ingredients are prepared at the same time.

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To prepare 2 servings of mulled apple cider (express version)

we need:
• 150 ml dry red wine;
• 150 ml strong black tea;
• 50 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice (juice of 1/2 orange);
• 40 ml dark rum;
• 2 tbsp sugar;
• 1/2 of sweet apple;
• 2 cup lemon;
• 1 cinnamon stick;
• 1 star anise;
• 2 cloves cloves.

 Cooking method:          

1. lemons and apples cut arbitrarily. The largest, if we need them only for the taste, or small, if we want to put them in a glass.
2. Mix all ingredients in a pan (I have no enamel or glass was found, had to boil in a metal). We put on a small fire.

яблочн глинтвейн5
3. Periodically stirring, heat the mulled wine, but do not let it boil. Ideal for a temperature – 70 degrees. If you do not have a thermometer, just do not let boil.

яблочн глинтвейн 6
4.Serve immediately.

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