Apple dessert.

Apple dessert.

яблочн дес 1

test “four quarters”:

100 g flour

100 g of almond flour

100 g of sugar

100 g butter

1 egg * said that option, but I added


3-4 large apples

100 g of sugar

1 vanilla pod


1/2 Philadelphia

1/2 of the cream

powdered sugar (optional)

Decoration with basil:

basil leaves (my green and burgundy)

Coarse salt (maldon or have salt from the Camargue, in short any glamorous salt)

Olive mslo


Cooking preform then can be folded together in a different time.

1. Bake wheels. The diameter at the discretion of what size you want dessert.

To test things quickly chop, combine into a ball, roll it between two sheets of baking paper and in the freezer for an hour. Cut discs in the oven 180 ° C for about 15 minutes Cool.

2. Apples.

Ideal apples, as noted by Oriol, this variety Reinette apples, they have high content of pectin, the right to hold the shape dessert.

First, make the caramel. Melt sugar in kostryulke and cook caramel. (I then experiment with the calibration temperature (see the online course in which we learn later) decided to do the same principle – in the form of spread ground sugar and bake in the oven Do not worry, everything turned out.) In the form pour the caramel, put the halved vanilla pod peeled and quartered apples. Bake 200 ° C for 20 minutes Cool.

3. Cream.

Beat Philadelphia cream and powdered sugar. Put in the refrigerator.

All operations can be done either simultaneously or in sequence, and you convenient time.

4. Basil.

My leaves, dry them and sprinkled with olive oil and salt.


The CD set ring (preferably a little less in diameter) in a uniform layer laid apples. The ring is removed, sprinkle with a little sugar and a burner karameliziruem apples (optional). We laid on top and decorate with cream seasoned with basil. The whole structure is still decorate a pinch of salt.

Fold dessert, ideally before serving. Keep in mind that cold storage foundation soften and turn black basil. The taste is not affected yet. Maybe a couple of hours still stand, but no more.

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