Apple cake with white wine

Apple cake with white wine.


butter 125g
345 g sugar
250 g flour
egg 1 piece
disintegrant for 1 hour. L.
vanilla sugar 1 pkg.
white wine 0.5 l
2 package vanilla pudding.
1 kg sour yaloki
cream 250ml
25 g almonds
lemon juice

125 g sugar rub with butter. Add the egg.

Then add flour with baking powder, vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt.

Knead the dough mass. The finished dough is sent at 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Filling: Mix 2 packs pudding plus sugar with a small amount of wine.

On filling the cake, I took more wine than in the recipe, as the 2 pack of pudding 500 ml will be small, it is very dense work. It was necessary to guess how many wines should be added to the filling it was not too dense, but not like pudding.

I took about 700 milliliters, it is even better if you take 650.

At the same time, giving wine to boil. When wine boils very foaming. Pour in a thin stream of hot wine in the pudding, pre-mixed with sugar and a small amount of wine, while stirring vigorously. We give the pudding to boil again. All the while stirring.

After re ready to boil remove from heat pudding, cool, stirring regularly to keep the crust was formed.

Now proceed to the apples. My, clean and cut into small pieces. Mix apples with lemon juice. To be honest, I stood in the recipe – grate. I’m dreaming and chop apples into small pieces.

Apples mix with pudding.

Installation: roll out dough to form or to distribute in the form of hands. We form a high edge. Diameter of my form – 26 centimeters.

We spread the filling on the dough.

The cake is baked in a hot oven previously at 200 degrees for 40 minutes.

The cake is baked. Let cool for him. We’ll have to wait about 12 hours. The next day: Separate the cake the shape of a knife with a rounded tip.

Release the cake from the mold. Beat cream. Cream I took more than a recipe. I added to the cream 2 packs of vanilla sugar (400 ml).

With pastry syringe decorate the cake with whipped cream.

Almond fry in a pan and sprinkle them a cake. Pre-cool.

Now you can enjoy the cake.

яблочный торт с вином

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