Apple-almond Charlotte

Charlotte Classic — is a French sweet dish made of white bread, custard, fruit and liquor. I offer you not the classic version, but a complete improvisation! Try to bite slightly crunchy almond cap charlotte to feel the aroma of vanilla, mouth-watering taste of almond cream and fragrant apples! When you caramelize the apples are out excess moisture, and the use of brown sugar in the recipe adds a soft caramel aroma, flavor perfectly emphasizes the elegant range of pastries and harmony of flavors.

flour (dough) — 250 g
almonds (dough — 150 g for almond cream — 90 g) — 240 g
butter (for the test — 130 g to 90 g of almond creams is for frying — 50 g) — 270 g
Egg (Dough — 1 unit for almond cream — 2 pcs) — 3 pieces
brown sugar (for sprinkling almond — 120 g for almond cream — 90 g) — 210 g
rum — 20 ml
seeds 1 vanilla pod
Apple (average, no more than 1 kg) — 5 pcs
cinnamon — to taste
almond petals topping — 125g
egg whites (35-40 g — for sprinkling) — 1 piece

1. To prepare the almond almond flour (you can not clean from the peel), grind in blender. Oil grind with powdered sugar until smooth. Connect wheat and almond flour, mixed with oil-sugar mixture. At the end, add the egg, mix well and form brusochek test. Wrap it in plastic wrap and put in a cooler for a couple of hours to cool the dough.

2. Cream butter beat with a mixer at room temperature in a magnificent mass, add a couple tablespoons of sugar, continuing to whisk, then add the almond flour and mix thoroughly. Then add the eggs, whisk, add the rum — mix. If you are preparing for children — skip this step!

3. For topping combine almond almond petals, brown sugar and chicken protein, just gently stir until smooth.

4. For the filling apples remove seeds and rind, cut into thin slices. In a skillet melt butter, put the slices of apples, sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar (slightly) for better caramelization and fry on both sides. Inverting careful not to mash the pieces. Put on a plate, the remaining caramelized apples.

5. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 1.5 — 2 cm (approximately), and then cut out a circle, the larger the diameter of the bottom at the height of the walls of the mold. Invest in baking dish prepared dough, carefully holding his hands from all sides. At the bottom lay a pair of spoonfuls of almond cream thickness of about 5 mm, then a layer of apples produced, again a layer of cream on top you need to sprinkle almond grit so that she lay neat gorochkoy. Remove the workpiece in the refrigerator for at least an hour to cool. It is necessary that the layers are «friends» with each other, and when baking a dessert is not cracked, and was in great shape!

6. Bake in a preheated 170 C oven for about 30-40 minutes (temperature and time to adjust your oven). They should be golden brown with crispy almond crust! Serve chilled with a glass of white wine or liqueur glass with calvados or coffee or tea!

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