American parfait “Tropical breakfast”

American parfait “Tropical breakfast”

Just four ingredients and five minutes it takes to prepare a bright refreshing parfait. It lays out a layer of crispy rice cereal between layers of vanilla yogurt, juicy mandarin and fresh pineapple and get dessert with a magnificent combination of textures.

American parfait "Tropical breakfast"

2 cups vanilla yogurt
1 small jar of canned mandarin oranges (drained syrup)
3/4 cup crunchy puffed rice (granola)
1 cup diced fresh pineapple

At the bottom of the four glasses of juice Put 2 tablespoons. l. yoghurt. Put the top on 4 slices of mandarin. Sprinkle mandarins Article 1.5. l. puffed rice, then put another 2 tbsp. l. yoghurt. The next layer – diced pineapple, and then esche1,5 tbsp rice.

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