Almond-ORANGE CAKE without flour

Almond-ORANGE CAKE without flour.

It is a brilliant recipe. Elementary and done quickly, except for cooking apelsinov.Poluchilos great!
Tender, juicy, very moderately sweet aroma with absolutely stunning !!! Well, no flour, only almonds!

2 large oranges
250g light brown sugar
6 yay
250g almond flour
1 tsp baking powder

50g light brown sugar
50 ml of water
2-3 tablespoons orange Grand Marnier


1. Oranges wash and together with the skin to put in a large pan with cold water. Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for 3 hours. Make sure that the water is completely covered oranges and turn them from time to time.
2. Are the oranges out of the water. cool slightly, cut into arbitrary pieces and pierce blender until a homogeneous puree. Rub through a sieve. For the pie need 300 grams of mashed potatoes.
3. In a bowl, beat eggs, add the sugar, baking powder, almond flour, whisking all the places 2 minutes. Add mashed oranges and beat for 1 minute.
4. baking dish greased with butter and lay a baking paper (I used a paper form was ceramic, nothing is burnt). Put the dough into a mold and bake at 150C for about 1 hour. Ready to pull the pie out of the oven and cool.
5. Mix sugar syrup and water in a saucepan with a thick bottom. Bring to a boil and the sugar is dissolved, remove from heat. Add liqueur and pour the hot syrup cooled cake.

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