Air cake with creamy filling.

Air cake with creamy filling.
For the dough:
1.5ch.l. yeast
90ml milk (or warm water)
45g sugar
250g flour
50g cream cheese
1ch.l. vanilla extract
1 egg
a pinch of salt
20g softened butter

For the filling:
150g cream cheese
40g brown sugar
40g softened butter
1 egg yolk
10g corn flour
100g berry jam

The warm water (about 38º) to dissolve about a tablespoon of sugar (from 45g) and yeast. Leave on for 15 minutes until foam cap. Pour the yeast mixture to the remaining ingredients and knead the dough very soft lipkovatoe. Leave in a warm place (in the non-inclusion of the oven put a bowl of dough and a closed lid saucepan of boiling water) under the film is 2 hours, do one obminku in the middle of time, ie after 1 hour. After 2 hours, when the dough podnyados the second time, once again punched, but we shift into a mold lined with pergmentom.

Distributed evenly along the bottom, again delaying the film and leave to rise a little more until we do a cream and warm up the oven. The form must be deeper, as much cake rises. Not less than 26cm in diameter with walls 5cm.

Cream: cheese with the sugar, beat a couple of minutes. Add the egg yolk and flour, stir again about 30 seconds. Then the soft butter, and beat until fluffy again. That rose on the cake, even layer of cream distribute. On cream stripes from the bag or syringe inflict jam. Bake at 180º for 30 minutes.

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