A juicy hamburger with blue cheese sauce


Buns — 4 pcs.
Stuffing — 600 g
Onions — 1 pc.
Chile — 1 pc.
Basil — 3 sprigs
Garlic — 2 cloves
Nuts — 20 g
Mustard — 1 hour. L.
Yoghurt — 50 g
Blue cheese — 30 g
Lime — 1 pc.
Vegetables — to taste


1. Start with the burgers. Chop finely the onion (1 pc.), Basil (2-3 branches), hot chili (1 medium) and garlic (cloves couple).
2. Mix in a bowl with minced meat (600 gr.), Mustard (1 teaspoon) and crushed nuts (20 g.). The meat for stuffing can take any, I have 50/50 beef / pork.
3. All stir well and shape into 4 patties. Diameter patties should be a little more rolls, and the height is not less than 2 centimeters. During frying cutlet reduced in size, and if you make it smaller, it will become dry.
4. Put the patties on parchment, cover with a clean sheet on top and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
5. Prepare the sauce for this, take a neutral cream or yogurt (50 oz.), Crumble blue cheese (30 oz.) And add the juice of half a lime. Stir everything well.
6. The pan grill (you can usually) good-heat. Ideally, of course, will do everything over an open fire, but this is not always available. On a dry frying pan fry the rolls (4 pcs.) From the cutoff. Until golden brown.
7. When all the rolls are ready, remove the meatballs and fry well, but on each side for 3 minutes. If steak is high, as I have, you can still fry and sides, it is better propechetsya will be tastier. But do not overdo it, otherwise it will become dry.
8. If in doubt, can dislocate one of the burgers, the center should not be pink.
9. And then collect as much. On a roll put lettuce, tomato slices, burgers, sauce and a bit of red onion. Very juicy, hearty and delicious cosmically. Yes and no more than half an hour preparing.

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