A delicious recipe for colds FOR CHILDREN

A delicious recipe for colds FOR CHILDREN.

– And sweet, and perfectly cope with the disease.
Very often, when children get sick, it dramatically affects their appetite. I do not want to. In these difficult days, so I want to sweeten the baby “the pill.” As parents, we often go on about the little capricious and praises to their chocolates and cakes. Meanwhile, to a weakened child’s body is not the best food. It is better to treat children’s tasty and healthy recipes for popular cold. And sweet, and perfectly cope with the disease.

*** “Orange” salad
Grate fresh carrots, mix it with honey in the ratio 2: 1. Apart from the general vitaminizing and anti-inflammatory effect, this salad will greatly facilitate sore throat angina and white removes plaque from the tonsils. You can add some dried fruits and nuts to salad was more satisfying.

*** The Apple “Surprise”
Treat the kid baked apple. Cook it is not difficult, especially if you have a microwave. Suffice it to cut core (not through), and fill the hole with honey, rubbed berry “jelly” (for example, cranberries) or sweet curds with raisins.
This simple dessert will greatly assist the immune system of the baby. Apples lot of vitamins, iron and volatile. Moreover, baked apples are considered to be more useful fresh, and absorbed by the body much better. Cranberry disinfects and has a good diuretic effect, honey has anti-inflammatory action and cottage cheese energizes and nourishes the body.

*** “: Peach milk”
Figs Boil on low heat for 20 minutes (after boiling) at the rate of 3-4 pieces in a glass of milk.
This is a very useful and effective remedy for coughs. Fig known since ancient times for its beneficial properties, it is even used as part of anti-tumor drugs, so to cope with the common cold for him in the cellar.

*** “Parenko” with raisins.
Put a few small turnips in a clay pot, pour ½ cup of water and place in oven Then, under the cover. When rap softens, add 100-150 grams. raisins and steamed for 5 minutes. When well-cooled, to give the baby. You can “spice up” a spoon of honey.

*** Tea with rosehip
Fill 1st.l. dried fruits glass of water, add 1-2 tsp sugar and boil, covered, for 10 minutes. Then for 1-2 hours (under the cap), strain and drink throughout the day instead of water or tea.
Rosehip – a well-known natural immunotonik. A delicious tea with a pleasant acidity, provides a daily dose of vitamin C, which is so necessary in the period of resistance to infection.

*** “Magic Jelly”
Prepare a mead out of the water with honey. Mix black radish juice (can substitute carrot) with drink and milk at the rate of 1: 0.5: 0.5. Let your child drink 1 tablespoon six times a day.
This is another delicious recipe from the cold. And as an effective remedy for coughs.

*** And, of course, do not deny the child his favorite fruit: grapes, oranges, pear, melon, bananas. Poite its fresh juices. Just do not overdo it in the fortification.

Remember that an excess of vitamins is not too useful. Everything is good in moderation, especially in such a delicate matter, as the health of your baby.

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