8 kinds of sausages, which boasts Germany

8 kinds of sausages, which boasts Germany.

No country in the world do not have such a number of sausages, as in Germany. In addition, each of them has its own proprietary formulation technology of preparation and, of course, the unpronounceable name for the foreign tourist.
Trying to order in Germany “German” sausage can turn a complete lack of understanding.
To avoid this embarrassment is not superfluous to remember the names of some famous German sausages, while at the same time learn from what and how they are prepared.
Today we chose the 8 most popular and loved by the German classes, which will be the easiest way to begin his acquaintance with the pride of the German meat. In addition, their names are not too difficult to pronounce.



Rindsvurst or Frankfurt sausage made from ground beef. To it is added white pepper, paprika and beaten egg white. Sausages prepared by hot smoke from one to one and a half hours.



The basis of the sausage is pork. Minced meat seasoned with spices – fennel, nutmeg, garlic, cardamom, marjoram, the amount of which may vary considerably, giving the sausage a completely different flavors. Fried sausages on the grill or frying pan. The traditional side dish to serve it braised sauerkraut or fried potatoes.



Thuringian sausages made from finely minced pork and beef. This lean meat chosen. As a seasoning used caraway, marjoram and garlic, and, of course, salt and pepper. Fried sausages on the grill. Some in the preparation of beer is poured.



This is one of the most famous kinds of Bavarian sausages. To prepare taken veal and pork, which gives the sausage and white. In the beef add spices, parsley, lemon zest, egg whites, onion and ice. Sausage cooked in hot water, without bringing it to the boil, or fried in oil.



BOCKWURST made from pork and lard, but sometimes add a little more beef. Stuffing is mixed with ice. The unique taste they give such spices as pepper, ginger, mace and coriander. Sausages are smoked for about 60 minutes, before being heated in hot water.

Nuremberg sausages.


For the preparation of sausage of pork, meal taken. Minced meat flavored with spices, the main of which is the marjoram. Sausages fried on the grill, especially delicious they are obtained if they are prepared over an open fire of beech wood.

Frankfurt sausages.


Sausages made primarily from pork meat. His seasoned with spices and add the bacon and ice. Sausages are smoked to give a smoky flavor and a golden color and then cook.



Stuffing mix of pork with a little beef or veal. They fry a few minutes by immersing in boiling oil only half. Cooked sausage cut into small pieces and sprinkled liberally with ketchup and sprinkled with curry powder.

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