8 bitter foods: bitter – so helpful

1. Radish – fortifying agent.
It would seem, well, what could be worse than a bitter radish? However, this root is undervalued. Radish contains useful organic acids, mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes, volatile, essential oils, proteins and amino acids. It improves metabolism, increases immunity, aids digestion, is a natural analogue of broad-spectrum antibiotic, displays the excess fluid from the body. Contraindications: disease of the gastrointestinal tract organs in the acute stage, glomerulonephritis, recent myocardial.

2. Horseradish – kills bacteria, reduces inflammation.
Horseradish uniquely radish is not sweeter, but also use it less. Like its close relative, has almost the same set of positive qualities also has bactericidal and antiseptic effect. Daily skin rubbing horseradish juice can be get rid of freckles.
Contraindications: the same as that of the radish.

3. Mustard – from nerves.
On the action is almost similar to radish and horseradish, but also used in diseases of the nervous system – from nervous excitement and neuritis of sciatic nerve, from hysteria.
Contraindications: the same as that of radish and horseradish.

4. A grapefruit for a slim figure.
Grapefruit contains natural fat burners – inositol and pectin, improves appetite, aids in digestion and activates activity liver. In addition, it normalizes the blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, tones up the nervous system, helps overcome apathy, sharpens the memory and attention fatigue. Grapefruit generally considered the most useful fruit. The highest proportion of nutrients found in grapefruit peel and bitter internal partitions. Useful, and its seeds – they have expressed bactericidal properties.
Contraindications: not identified, but grapefruit juice can increase the toxicity of drugs.

5. Tea for bone health.
Tea perfectly helps to fight osteoporosis, often accompanies menopause and other diseases of bones. Probably, for this is to say thank you polyphenols, substances which are 25 times more effective than vitamin C, protect the genetic material of cells from damage. In addition, tea strengthens the walls of blood vessels and stabilizes blood pressure, promotes the resorption of blood clots, strengthens the immune system, treats some allergies and reduces the risk of cancer. Adding milk tea drink makes an excellent tool from kidney stones and bladder, but nullifying its positive effects on the heart.
Contraindications: exacerbation stomach ulcers and kidney disease, insomnia, glaucoma.

6. Coffee for the prevention of diabetes.
Scientists have shown that antioxidants contained in coffee prevent type II diabetes, and liver cancer. Coffee also helps cope with stress, stimulates the respiratory center of the brain, thus helping asthmatics cope with attacks, displays the body of cholesterol. In the coffee is the mass of nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, proteins similar to the connection, a number of essential minerals and trace elements. Contra-indications: diseases of the cardiovascular system.

7. Beer for conservation view.
As scientists have found the antioxidants in beer, protect cells and prevent the lens occurrence of cataracts. Beer regulates breathing and blood circulation, a positive effect on digestion and can dissolve kidney stones. In the Scandinavian countries beer is officially recognized as an antidepressant. Well, colds throat, probably more than once were treated with warm beer. The most useful dark beers.
Contraindications: no contraindications explicit, it all depends on the amount of alcohol consumed. Scientists advised to consume no more than 0.5 liters of beer per day.

8. Dark chocolate for prevention of heart disease and strengthen the blood vessels.
The scientists published findings that 60 grams of dark chocolate interfere with narrowing and hardening of the arteries, improve blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of blood clots. In addition, caffeine and theobromine contained in a bitter delicacy, encourage efficiency and creative activity of man, help with increased loads.
Contraindications: not identified.

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