7 ways to cheat hunger

1. Drink water. In 8 out of 10 times we confuse thirst with hunger. A glass of water is able to save from the waist extra calories, drowning out the wrong signals.

2. Practice akupunturu. Massage the point between the lip and the nose for 2-3 minutes. Unhealthy appetite retreat.

3. Apply the breathing exercises. She is involved in the breakdown of fats and, therefore, makes up for the energy deficit. 20 deep breaths in a window or on the street suppress the desire to eat candy.

4. Get enough sleep. People tend to compensate for lack of sleep by overeating. all due to the fact that lack of sleep by increased production of ghrelin, and leptin (satiety hormone), respectively, is reduced. Conclusion: The longer you sleep – will be slimmer.

At night, drink a small cup of low-fat milk with a teaspoon of honey. Tasty cocktail saturate calcium normalizes metabolism, tames hunger spasms and also helps to quickly fall asleep.

5. connect aromatherapy. Scents of citrus, coffee and needles remove a false sense of hunger.

6. Tighten the belt. The fitted clothing will not overeat, recalling that it is time to close the mouth.

7. Take care of business. Unhealthy appetite – the problem is often not physiological, and psychological. We are accustomed to snacking from idleness, stress or indulge jam buns, simply because we have them. go for a walk on the food. Find a hobby that will replace the head of the imagination of the culinary masterpieces – the appetite will disappear and your body will appreciate the beauty of the lines!


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