7 secrets of baking pancakes.

1. pan
The main and the main secret of good baking pancakes – a frying pan. Best of all, if the pan is pancakes, which is used only for the batch of pancakes. Particularly well suited for baking pancakes cast-iron frying pan.
The pan should be a good warm up first, then brush with oil, then pour the batter.

2. Flour
pancake flour should be dry and it is necessary to sift. Baked pancakes mainly of wheat flour and mixtures of wheat flour and other flour, for example buckwheat. The proportions of different meal every woman takes on the taste, but usually it is 1: 1.

3. The amount of baking
Baking – is the oil and eggs. Number of baking depends on what you want to bake pancakes. It can be changed depending on your wishes. If the oil in the dough to put small, the pancakes are dry when the oil a lot, the pancakes are soft. Typically, oil is put 5-20 percent by weight of the flour. The number of eggs can be roughly calculated as follows: 1 egg 1 cup flour (the average is 150 g).

4. Sugar and salt
They are usually placed in taste, unless otherwise stated in the recipes.

5. The proportions of flour and liquid
Pancake conventional ratio of 1: 1 or 1: 2 for oladushek – 1: 1. You can use this measure as a cup or glass. For example, take 1 cup of liquid and 1 cup of flour, it will be just a good proportion for a batch of pancakes. For thin pancakes amount of liquid should be increased to 1: 3.

6. Liquid for pancakes (crepes, pancakes)
To prepare pancakes can use water, milk, water, milk, yogurt, curd, whey. For baking vegetable fritters liquid may never be used, because there is enough juice released vegetables.

7. Yeast
Opara – a leaven of yeast and warm liquid and flour. Provided that give sponge for 5-6 hours, is necessary to take fresh yeast from 10 g to 1 cup flour. If Opara will be less, the amount of yeast to be increased.


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