6 Italian rules of etiquette at the table

6 Italian rules of etiquette at the table

General rules of table etiquette prescribe hold the knife in his right hand and the fork in the left. Elbows on the table are considered to be bad form. At the end of the meal on the plate devices are placed parallel to each other – this symbol means you are finished with the meal. However, any rule can be exceptions, and in different countries, the rules of etiquette governing how to behave at the table may differ.

In his new book “Love of food” Paola Lovizetti Skamiorn focused on simple and healthy recipes of the Italian cuisine, and at the same time shared table etiquette rules in Italy. The very author generally describes them as follows: “When you are in Rome, behave just like a Roman.” Here are 6 of the Italian rules of etiquette that must be followed in order to, as in Italy, not to get into an awkward situation.


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In Italy, cappuccino drinks refers to the first half of the day. Since it contains milk, when used together with the main meal, it can cause heavy stomach. Therefore, the Italians drink cappuccino at breakfast.


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Do not unpack the risotto on the edges of your plate in an attempt to cool it. For others it will look as if you’re playing with food.


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Do not eat bread with the first course, and do not use it to collect the remains of food from the plate. A small amount of food left on the plate, it is considered a manifestation of politeness.


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If you eat pie, mousse and similar dishes, do not use a fork. These products and dishes made spread on bread, pre-break it into small pieces and eat with your hands.


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Eggs or frittata and a knife in Italy are considered to be absolutely incompatible things. Often the eggs are considered here as a holy symbol, and according to the rules of etiquette at the table to use when they use a knife is prohibited.

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Do not drink coffee during the meal. In Italy, the espresso drink made strictly after meal. It is believed that it contributes to better digestion.

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