5 recipes using eggs.

All these dishes are well fed at breakfast. It turns out, and a hearty and delicious, and beautiful.
1.Salat with asparagus and poached egg.

– 1 egg,
– Some asparagus,
– Letnochki carrots,
– Fresh peas,
– Any salad,
– salt pepper.

In a small cup to pour boiling water, add a little vinegar any gently to release the egg.

Put in the microwave at a very high power for 25-30 seconds. In the process, for 15-20 seconds, you can gently turn the egg, although it is not mandatory. Carefully pour the egg in the water with a strainer or skimmer and egg to pass on a paper towel.

In a dish put the asparagus, boiled or grilled, ribbons of carrots, fresh or frozen green peas, which it is advisable to boil a little, leaves any salad and egg on top.

All sprinkled with salt and freshly ground pepper, sprinkle with olive oil. Very useful, tasty and colorful salad is obtained.

2.Sup mashed peas with poached egg.

– 1 tbsp fresh frozen peas,
– 1 to 2 eggs,
– 1 small onion, chives,
– 1 clove garlic,
– A sprig of mint,
– olive oil,
– 50-100 ml cream,
– salt pepper.

In a saucepan with a thick bottom heat the olive oil, you can add cream. Onions and garlic are finely chopped and fry until transparent.

Pour peas and stir to extinguish minute 2-3. Pour water to just cover the peas. Cook for about 5 minutes. Add the salt, a sprig of mint, cream and punch blenders to puree the state, but on request you can add more water or cream, to break up the uniformity and strain through a sieve, get soup.

Pour the soup into bowls, cook a poached egg and top. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the cream can be good or olive oil, or cheese cook chips and submit them to the soup. Yummy!

3.Tosty with poached egg, caviar and asparagus.

– 1 piece of stick or any other bread fried in the toaster,
– 1 egg,
– A few sprigs of asparagus, grilled or boiled,
– Spoon of red caviar,
– A little bit of butter.

It’s very simple … roasted slice of bread still warm spread with butter. Top with a poached egg, a little caviar and sparzhu.Prosto royal breakfast! With a good cup of coffee!

4.Omlet with spinach.

– 3 eggs,
– 100 ml of milk or cream, 10-20%,
– A handful shpitana,
– butter,
– salt pepper,
– Tomatoes for garnish.

In a skillet heat the butter over medium-low heat. Beat eggs with cream or milk, salt and pepper. In a heated pan to put the spinach, stir fry it a couple of minutes.

Top pour eggs and milk. Cover and cook until the top is not sets. Spatula gently fold the omelette in a roll. Serve immediately.

5. Omelette with asparagus.

– 3 eggs,
– 100 ml of milk or cream,
– A handful of asparagus grilled or boiled,
– A few shoots of green onions,
– salt pepper,
– Butter for frying.
Everything is the same as in the previous recipe, just chop the green onions and add to scrambled eggs, and roll it in another way, put in asparagus. Serve with cherry tomatoes.

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