5 products that improve memory

Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and carnosic acid, expanding cerebral vascular tissue. Studies show that even the smell of rosemary can improve memory performance.

Oily fish
The salmon, mackerel, halibut and herring contain omega-3 lowers cholesterol and positively affecting the blood vessels of the brain. The fish also contains iodine, which improves mental clarity.

An excellent source of vitamin K and magnesium, which improve brain function. Also in cabbage contains boron, the lack of which leads to a decrease in brain activity.

Carrots slows the aging process of the body, including the brain. A substance found in carrots luteolin helps protect from premature death of cells responsible for memory.

Almost all of these products contain the active ingredient – luteolin. It reduces inflammation in the brain caused by age and adverse external factors, prevents loss of attention, memory loss, reduces the production of harmful substances in the brain and promotes neuronal survival after exposure to bacterial toxins.

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  1. In general healthy food is good for the brain

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