5 interesting facts about the benefits of buckwheat

1. According to the content of essential amino acids protein buckwheat close to the products of animal origin and therefore is considered an equivalent substitute for meat. This digest buckwheat better.
2. Buckwheat stabilizes blood sugar levels. After the use of buckwheat in the food, sugar level rises slowly, not abruptly, as in the use of other carbohydrate-containing foods.
3. Buckwheat is rich in folic acid, which contributes to the overall stability of an organism to adverse environmental factors.
4. Buckwheat – an environmentally friendly product. This is perhaps the only plant that could not be GMO. All sorts of nitrates, pesticides and herbicides in the Greek there. This plant does not need a simple chemicals. It has excellent growth without fertilizers and weed and pest control to cope without assistance.

5. One of the most important properties of buckwheat is a protection against cancer. Because of its composition contained in flavonoids, buckwheat prevents the growth of tumors. This is especially important in modern ecological conditions. In addition to anti-cancer properties, the use of buckwheat reduces the risk of thrombosis, it helps cleanse the blood vessels from the “bad” cholesterol and prevents the development of cardiovascular disease.


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