4 Spanish tapas recipe.

4 Spanish tapas recipe.

Of the sources of the Internet, in Spanish there is the verb “tapear”, which translates as “go to bars, to communicate with friends and acquaintances, drink wine and eat tapas.” It is not surprising that these small hot and cold snacks are as much a hallmark of Spanish cuisine, as paella or ham.

Finding recipes is that tapas are not just a lot, but just countless, we cook with goat cheese, nuts and traditional Spanish sausage.


To prepare the required options:
• salchion and chorizo;
• goat and / or sheep cheese;
• bread;
• Bell pepper;
• peanuts and pine nuts;
• eggs (raw and cooked);
• tomato trade winds;
• olives;
• blue bow.

тапас 6
Option 1:

1.Pepper cut into large segments, bake in the oven until black padpalin, remove the skins.

2.Ready lubricates pepper goat cheese, sprinkle a dry frying pan fried pine nuts and rolled into a roll.

3.That’s what happens.

тапас 7
Options 2 and 3:

1.Onions cut into small cubes, fry in a little olive oil, add the egg and fry until tender, stirring constantly.

2.In olive oil, fry the bread, it lubricates the trade winds, lay on top of the omelet onion and olives.

3.Mini sandwiches ready.

тапас 8
4.And if instead of olive paste and put the chorizo ​​will be a completely different taste.

Option 4:

1.In a blender break through with boiled egg, a couple of teaspoons of feta cheese and a small handful of peanuts.

2.The resulting mass spread on salchion and turn to roll.


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