The recipe first (firming blend of dried fruits and honey).

It should be every night for two months before going to sleep drink a mixture prepared by the following recipe.

Mince one figs, dried apricots five soft (apricots) and one medium fruit prunes.
Now add to the mix a half teaspoon of liquid honey and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass of paste-like consistency. The thus obtained mixture can be eaten in its pure form, and as a jam on a small slice of fresh brown bread.
This folk remedy contains substances that cause the regeneration of tissues that make up the intervertebral discs (soft). Furthermore, these substances have a beneficial effect on resiliency and strength of the other tissues of the body!
Recipe for the second.
To prepare the mixture should be strengthened to be cleaned from the skin of about one hundred grams of pumpkin, then cut it into small cubes and fry in butter (you can also cook the pumpkin for a couple).
Now finished pumpkin mash with a fork until puree and add two teaspoons of liquid honey, sex spoon cinnamon and two tablespoons of minced coarsely grated ripe apples (this product can replace a fruit prunes).
The thus obtained mixture consumed throughout the day, washed down with green tea or extract (decoction) of the hips.
This mixture helps to strengthen the immune system and helps to strengthen blood vessels and muscles.
Recipe for a third (mixture for immunity).

To prepare the mixture for immunity the following recipe you need to grate on a fine grater two teaspoons of lemon peel and then mix it with three tablespoons of liquid honey and one teaspoon of onion juice until smooth.
Ready taking part in the morning, washed down with warm water.

Recipe for a fourth.

It is necessary to take three fresh lemon and chop them with the zest, then mix with the pulp of crushed hazelnuts (about twenty of kernels) and five spoons (more) liquid honey.
Let the mixture infuse in the refrigerator for three days, and then eat it three teaspoons a day.
This mixture is recommended for strengthening the vascular cardiac system.

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