4 best recipe cream

4 best recipe cream: Cream Patiser, Anglesey Cream, Almond Cream, Cream, Paris-Brest or cream muslin with praline.

1. Patiser Cream (Crème Pâtissèrie, Pastry cream).

Very tender, tasty cream. With the addition of different ingredients is transformed into other types of cream.

250ml milk
vanilla bean (I have vanilla sugar with vanilla seeds)
60g sugar
3 egg yolks
25 g of corn starch
25 g of butter


Milk and vanilla seeds boil.

Sugar, starch and mix the yolks. Pour a little boiling milk mixture into the egg yolks, stirring constantly with a whisk. So tempered yolks – get used to the hot temperature.
Now you can pour the remaining milk into the yolks, whisk to mix.

The resulting mixture was poured again into the ladle. Put on the fire, simmer to a boil, boil for 2 minutes after boiling.

Put in a bowl, cover with cling film. Cool in refrigerator. Put the soft butter into the cream, whisk.

The resulting cream can be filled with custard cakes, eclairs, cakes fluff.

2. Almond Cream.

Franzhipan considered a mixture of almond cream with cream Patiser. But in many books under the frangipani mention just almond cream.
Here today and prepare it. Cooked cream used as a filling in cakes, Tart, Baking. Do not wait for a strong almond taste, generally the cream is flavored with rum, vanilla or almond Essence.


120 g butter
2 eggs
Sugar 120 g
1 tablespoon dark rum
120g ground almonds


Beat the butter. Add one egg and a half of sugar. Beat.

Pour the rest of the sugar, almond flour and beat with a mixer.

The resulting cream or used immediately put into a container and stored in a refrigerator for several days.

3. Cream Anglesey.

Cream Anglesey – is a simple combination of milk (cream), eggs or egg yolks, sugar and flavoring (vanilla), cooked until thick.
Cream Anglesey refers to the stirred custard (Stirred kustard). It is an indispensable basis for the preparation of ice cream, mousses, creams.
The consistency resembles cream sauce Anglesey.
We can say that the cream-Anglia is considered the mother-dressing a variety of cooking and desserts based on it. Cream Anglesey can be flavored with chocolate, coffee, caramel, rum, citrus … Serve accompanied by fruit, berries, nuts, biscuits … Use as a base for making all kinds of ice cream.
France Fo it is served cold and semi-liquid. In England – warm or even hot and more dense.
Learn to prepare this cream, and you will be happy in the choice of various desserts menu!


500ml milk
1/2 vanilla pod
5 large egg yolks
Sugar 100 g


Vanilla split, seeds and pods are put in milk. Bring the milk with the vanilla and the sugar to a boil.

Mix remaining sugar with the yolks.

Pour 1/3 of hot milk into the egg yolks and mix well. Pour the rest of the milk and stir.

Return the mixture to the bucket and put on a slow fire. Bring to 84C, remove from heat, drain. Cool.

4. Paris-Brest cream or cream muslin with praline.

Cream muslin – a cream based Patiser cream with the addition of butter. In fact. this is our custard, which pierce the butter.
The cream of Paris-Brest is added pralines for rich nutty flavor. The amount of oil can be adjusted according to taste and objectives. If it is necessary to lay out of a pastry bag is beautiful, the oil is larger when simply fill with some articles where the shape is not as important, the amount of oil can be reduced.
Adding praline gives a spicy touch. Cream very well squeezed and takes the desired shape you.


Butter 300 g
125 g cream Patiser
75 g praline

Cream Patiser:
250ml milk
60g sugar
25 g starch
3 egg yolks
25 g of butter

Prepare the cream Patiser (1 recipe) and cool.

Beat the butter. Gradually add the custard into the butter and whisk. At the end, add the hazelnut praline, whip.

Cream whisk well to dense air mass.

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