20 useful tips for housewives.

1. If you want to drink a fragrant and delicious coffee does not bring it to a boil. But if you still had a regrettable incident, and you overdone this drink in the fire, slowly remove it from the heat and add a few drops of cold water. Also, to get a special flavor of coffee you need when cooking to add a pinch of salt.

2. To make sure your rice was pure white and crumbly, pour into the pan, which is brewed rice vinegar (1 tbsp. Spoon).

3. If you want to surprise your family with tasty dishes, always using a mixed minced meat, carrots, raw potatoes, broth and mustard – these are the ingredients that will help you to surprise all the simplicity and taste.

4. To clotted cream in the gravy did not add to it quite a bit of milk.

5. To cabbage for filling was soft, chop it, then pour over boiling water, and then dip in cold water. Drain, squeeze vegetable and everything can be fried. Color is not lost cabbage dark.

6. To replace the wine in the dish (for example, alcohol can not be calculated or treats to children), dissolve in vinegar 2 teaspoons sugar.

7. The birds that are not eviscerated, has a greater shelf life than the one already gutted.

8. Citric acid or a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon rice make your white and crumbly. Add these ingredients to the boiling water. And do not cover the pot with rice cover.

9. Sausages can be not only delicious jam. Now spread with mustard and fry them in a skillet.

10. In order to easily cleanse the liver from the film, hand dipped salt.

11. If you want to make the meat soft and juicy not drop it in cold water, and immediately in boiling water, and preferably it does not cut into small pieces and cook in one piece.

12. To be in the tomato paste, which has already been opened, there was mold cover lubricate dry mustard.

13. In order to have your pudding flavor, aroma and color of the fresh fruit, juice squeezed of them do not need to be boiled. Cook only need to have pressed berries, sugar and starch until thick. The juice of the berries need to depressed pour it into jelly.

14. Beetroot – a vegetable that is cooked for a long time at least 4 hours. However, there is a trick you need to cook for one hour and then put under a stream of cold water – 10-15 minutes. Beetroot ready for use.

15. In order to canned cucumbers nice crunched during preservation is necessary to add a little amaranth – the leaves of this herb will do the trick.

16. Vinaigrette will be even tastier if it add 1 tbsp. spoon milk and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Slim and simple taste is guaranteed.

17. Products are best kept in a cool place. Fat becomes bitter when exposed to direct sunlight. Also perishable and very afraid of the sun: chocolate, mayonnaise and halva.

18. Mayonnaise from the store are not very useful. Replace it can sour cream, adding a mustard and egg yolk hard-boiled egg.

19. Meat can be mild, soak it in vinegar, sour milk, beet kvass, or brine.

20. A slice of lemon or carrot, which is laid on or under the cover of the sausage with mustard, banks do both of fresh products.

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