13 best traditional sandwiches from different cultures of the world. Part 2

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13 best traditional sandwiches from different cultures of the world. Part 2

The idea to wrap the bread in food and eat it in this form was known thousands of years ago. Uncomplicated appetizer did not require much time for preparation, besides it was convenient to take with you. We can say that the appearance of a hand sandwich cooks almost all countries, but as a separate dish it appeared in England. According to the generally accepted version, it was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl Sendvichskogo that during a card game snacking on a sandwich.

In the classic version of sandwich consists of two slices of bread between which is embedded one or a couple of pieces of thinly sliced meat. But in every kitchen there is a version of this dish. Sometimes local chefs soraschayut number of slices of bread to one, and the meat is added a variety of other ingredients or did replace it with fish or chicken. We found that the dish is meant by a sandwich in different countries and what are the ingredients used for its preparation.

9.Sandwich baths mi, Vietnam


Ingredients: Cut in half bun, Pork, Carrot, cucumbers, Cabbage white and red, cilantro, Hot peppers, Sriracha sauce

10. Sloppy joe, America


Ingredients: Bun with sesame seeds, cut in half, Ground beef, processed cheese, Pickles

11. Choripan, South America


Ingredients: Bun, cut in half, Sausage, Chimichurri sauce or salsa cryolite

12. Casserole, Poland


Ingredients: Baguette, mushrooms, Grated cheese, Ketchup

13. Hawaiian toast, Germany


Ingredients: Toast bread, Ham, A pineapple, processed cheese, Cocktail cherry


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