10 ways to stay warm in the winter

Who should read this freezing!
1. Do not leave home without eating

The first commandment merznuschego: a step out of the house without eating oatmeal! Or buckwheat. Or anything else. Food – the energy, and most of it (75%) will go to heat a favorite.
By the way, during the cold season, you can eat in a day by 400 calories more.

The Second Commandment: vegetables – is good, but the chicken and mutton in the winter need not less.
If you continue to eat as if it is summer, you can make chronic fatigue syndrome. And if you often merznesh, switching to “hot” foods: meat, fish, nuts, potatoes, cheese, pumpkin, apricots, bananas, grapes. More help the onions and horseradish, but it’s not for everybody.
And, most importantly, do not forget about spices: ginger, cinnamon, curry, pepper, cumin and garlic – they are warm almost immediately.


2. Follow degrees (beverage)

The fact that alcohol can warm the cold only briefly, and then the body begins to lose heat rapidly. By the way, the coffee is not too warm.
It is best to drink herbal tea, tea with ginger or lemon grass and hot chocolate (the favorite drink of many climbers).
And take note of this recipe: in a glass of apple juice add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Bring to a boil and drink.

3. Yields tummo

Tibetan monks are able to dry the winter night on the naked body wet towels. They own practice tummo.

At the heart of it – imaging technique: sitting in the snow is a monk, in his body the size of the flame emerging hair, it flares up and the body starts to fill. Finally, the inner glow breaks out. This is not just a legend. Efficiency tummo proved by researchers.

4. Do a massage of hands and feet

You know, when there is the thought of the cold? When freezing hands or feet. To quickly save limbs from the cold – massage them. There is little time Arrange aromatherapy: any cream for legs or arms add essential oil – 4 drops of sage, fennel and 3 drops 2 drops of ginger. Oil will cause a quick burst of heat will surround the body and aroma. You can do massage, and before going out, and return to heat.

Another recipe: Rub a drop of oil of thyme or cloves into the crook of the elbow. It will become warmer.

5. Breathe Right

“Our lungs are warm!” – Suggested a half-century ago, biophysicist Karl Trincher. His followers enthusiasts found in winter you need to breathe slowly and deeply, it calms the nervous system and makes it easier to adapt to the cold. If you feel that “five more minutes and I finally freeze”, a method already mentioned monks inhale both nostrils and exhale through one, holding the second.

6. Follow the novelties (Science)

USB-gloves designed specifically for office Merzlyakov. Seemingly ordinary knitted gloves without fingers, but they are coming off a wire connector, like a stick. Connected to a computer, and five minutes later the gloves heat up to 46 degrees!

By the way, have a similar design and USB-slippers. Microwave heating pad (Cozy Cuddles) looks like a soft toy. After two minutes in the microwave clock it keeps the warmth and sharing them with the owner. Thermo – option for long walks. Put it in a jacket, it will create additional heat.

7. Forget about loneliness

Scientists have found: a person feels lonely, freezes faster. There is an inverse relationship: it is necessary to look at your favorite photos, submit to family or cronies, immediately feel a rush of heat.

Even better – a hug. We are warm-blooded and produce heat. Cuddle up to a loved one often.

8. tempers, it saves

I do not call whitefish into the hole. Tempers can be at home. Put a wet towel in the freezer for half an hour, then potopchis on it a few minutes. After the procedure, immediately put on warm socks. If you do it every night, and get used to his feet become less sensitive to cold.

9. Try not to be nervous

Stress affects our body as well as cold. With strong emotional turmoil blood drain from the extremities and “hurry” to the brain, a person to make the right decision. When the cold and stress occur, increasing the chance to freeze! Learn to relax. Suitable this exercise: for a short time, strained all the muscles and then relax them sharply.

10. In the extreme case

Rumor has it that the actors, in order not to freeze in the winter shooting, glued on the shoulders of a mustard plaster. Blood quickly rushes to the surface of the skin and gives a feeling of warmth. Alternatively, you can rub his feet and anti-cellulite cream with cayenne pepper. The same effect. No worse acts pepper and vodka.

Another “warmer” – paper. If you have to stand for long in the street, put it in a paper shoe insoles. It will become easier.

Note: Another great saves underwear. Tested and effectively.



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