10 variants of different sauces

1. Sour cream (15%) + a couple cloves of garlic chopped dill + + salt and black pepper.
All the mix. Sour cream for more than 15% better not to take or slightly thick cream diluted with water (milk). This sauce is perfect for stuffed cabbage, potato pancakes, vegetable cutlets and baked potatoes.

2. Olive oil (vegetable) + lemon juice + salt + mixture of dried Italian herbs (basil, oregano, marjoram, thyme). The sauce is suitable for vegetable salads, fish, chicken, meat.

3. Cream cheese + + + nutmeg, dried garlic. Cream warm up in a frying pan, add the cheese, seasonings and cook until the cheese melts. Add the pasta, rice, potatoes can be poured.

4. Bow + Green + favorite spices. All whisk in a blender with a small amount of water.
Suitable for marinating the chicken, potatoes, baking or simply for vegetables.

5. Mayonnaise + soy sauce + garlic clove + lemon juice + a bit of mustard. It will be delicious with french fries, chicken nuggets. You can also fluff pita bread and put it in the stuffing from tomatoes, cheese, ham, greens.

6. Pine nuts + basil + cheese + Italian herbs. Well, this is a classic green pesto, delicious! To fish, meat, toast and of course to the salad caprese (mozzarella slices, tomatoes).

7. cheese Dor Blue + cream. Beat in a blender, a little warm up and serve with pasta.

8. Tomato + onion + garlic + a pinch of red pepper. Tomatoes peeled, grind in a blender, along with spices, onion and garlic. Heated in a frying pan and serve with rice, meat, chicken. Not bad will with baked potato slices, roasted eggplant and other vegetables.

9. Mayonnaise + a bit of ketchup (or tomato paste) + chopped gherkins. Pancakes, fish, fried potatoes – delicious with them.

10. Curd cheese + green + black pepper. Vegetables, boiled potatoes, baked fish – a good alliance for this sauce.


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