10 of the world’s most delicious sandwiches

10 of the world’s most delicious sandwiches

In one form or another attribute of sandwiches now become virtually any country or city. In each region there are ways to make your favorite sandwich, but some of them have become real stars among such food. We have found the top 10 sandwiches that are revered all over the world. The composition of many of them are very simple and can be easily played back in your kitchen.

1.Choripan, Argentina


Classic Argentine street food. Choripan name comes from combining the words chorizo and bread. The structure of classical choripana include chorizo sausage and sauce chemichurri. It is the latter responsible for the ukinalny taste that made this sandwich known to the whole world.

2.Katsu sando, Japan


This is a dish consisting of fried breaded cutlet Katsu and bread, it appeared in the late 19th century, when Japan increased cultural influence of Europe. Katsu is usually made from pork, but there may be variations of beef or chicken.

3.Hawaiian toast, Germany


This sandwich was invented in the 50-ies of XX century, leading one of the first culinary TV show Clemens Vilmenrodom. Despite its name, from here only Hawaiian pineapple, which is complemented by the taste of ham.

4.Croque-Monsieur, France


Chief artibut snack French-style croque-monsieur is neipmennym attribute menu of almost every cafe in France. Essentially, this sandwich ham and cheese on a grill, which, however, has many variations. Some of them are impregnated with an egg, dressed with bechamel sauce and pour cheese Gruyere.

5.Frantsezina, Portugal


Externally frantsezina is a sandwich of white bread square shape, between which there is a piece of meat, ham or sausage. It was obkladyvaetsya sliced cheese and abundantly watered tomato and beer sauce.

6.Leberkeze, Austria and Germany


The basis of this sandwich is a meat loaf – a dish that is loved in this part of Europe. Leberkäse name literally means “liver-cheese”, although in Bavaria dish traditionally contains neither liver nor cheese. Typically, a sandwich with meat loaf served with mustard.

7.Casserole, Poland


To put it simply, the casserole is the Polish variation of pizza. This is a hot sandwich, topped with cheese, mushrooms and traditional sandwich ingredients – onions, peppers and sausage. For healthy food like work very hard to carry, but he has a lot of fans around the world.

8.Vada pav, India


One of the most famous in the world vegetarinskih sandwiches. Here the role played by stuffing potato pancakes, which are placed between slices of bread. Complemented by all this bouquet taste of chili, mustard, ginger, curry sauce and the traditional tamarind chutney.

9.The Cuban Sandwich, United States


This sandwich was born with the filing of the Cuban immigrants in Florida. Despite its name, from Cuba is not here anything. The main ingredients of the sandwich is two slices of bread with a crust, ham, roast pork, cheese, mustard and pickles.

10.Ban Mi, Vietnam


This sandwich, in which European and Vietnamese culinary tradition skilfully combined, can be found almost anywhere in Vietnam. The composition of banks in E may vary, but there are a few basic components. It is a fresh baguette, ham, mayonnaise, radish, pepper, as well as the main Vietnamese Nuoc Cham sauce.

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