10-minute DESSERTS cappuccino

10-minute DESSERTS cappuccino

You can prepare this dessert a la carte dishes for a cappuccino, or you can put it all in one beautiful vase.

You will need
On 6 servings:
1 purchase cupcake (Madeira), about 300 g
300 ml hot strong black coffee
3 tablespoons brandy
1 tbsp brown sugar
100 g of chocolate, grated
50g toasted almonds, chopped flakes
425 ml whipping cream

How to cook
1. Cut the cake into pieces, spread half of the pieces at the bottom of the cup for cappuccino or tea cups. Mix coffee, brandy, sugar, sprinkle with pieces of the cake, so that they become juicy. Sprinkle with grated chocolate on top of the third and a half of almond, then repeat the layers.

2. Lightly whip the cream, so they just kept shape. Arrange the cups cream and sprinkle with remaining chocolate. Cool before serving. Serve with saucers and teaspoons.


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