10 main meat Chinese dishes

10 main meat Chinese dishes.

Many of China associated primarily with low-cost goods. Residents of China possess some innate talent copy any design decisions. Small gadgets, clothing, architecture – is an impression that Chinese craftsmen can not pass any interesting ideas.

One of the few areas that does not cause much interest from the locals, is a western kitchen. As in many countries, in China cherish national culinary traditions. Here is what to try, and the cuisine varies greatly from region to region. All glory abroad got meat dumplings moon Xiao Bao was born in Shanghai and Peking duck. But their list of local dishes of meat does not end there. There are at least 10 dishes with meat, are definitely worth a try during a trip to China.

Su Dongpo.


The great Chinese poet and statesman Su Dongpo, among other things, seriously interested in cooking. Recipe for pork breast in its technology so came to taste the local people that it is prepared for this day. In honor of the author of the dish and was called “Su Dongpo.”

La Tzu Chi.


A dish of Sichuan province will appreciate the true lovers of all acute: pieces of chicken breast prepared with chilli, sesame seeds and peppercorns.

Zhou jia mo.


In China, too, like burgers, but instead of the American version, which is considered to be a classic, local chefs adhere to its own recipes. Comprising a burger from the bun and fried, shredded pork and onions. Homeland Chinese burger Zhou jia mo is the province of Shaanxi.

Zha jiang mian.


Fermented soy beans have quite a strong odor, and at the hearing, such a product does not seem appetizing. But after the first fork dishes Zha jiang mian all these prejudices quickly forget. In conjunction with noodles and roast pork, they acquire a pleasant taste.

Yuxiang zhousy.


Dish is a traditional Sichuan. The main ingredient is pork, to which is added the vegetables, mushrooms and garlic sauce.

Chicken beggar.


Despite the unpretentious name of the dish is prepared from Jiangsu Province is quite difficult: a whole chicken stuffed with pork and mushrooms, wrapped in lotus leaves, coated with a layer of clay and baked. To remove the clay, the cooks have to resort to the help of a hammer.

Siu Bao.


Steamed buns with pork – culinary invention Canton area. Slices of pork are seasoned with sweet barbecue sauce and stuffed them soft bun, steamed.

Ma Po.


To some it may seem like a strange combination of tofu and pork, but it is this combination determines the taste of the dish on the MA. This spicy dish from Sichuan Province tofu mixed with pork and dipped them in vegetable broth with the addition of chili oil and whole peppercorns.



This kind of local dumplings for the first time appeared in the Guangdong province. As usual toppings, various vegetables, shrimp or pork.

Tang Li Ji zu.


The peculiarity of this dish is that the pork tenderloin should be cooked so that it is crispy outside and tender inside. Served meat with sweet and sour sauce.

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