10 great canapes on New Year’s table

Canapé — small sandwiches «one bite» — a perfect appetizer for the holiday table or buffet. Cooking can be from any of the products, guided by the rules of taste and compatibility. We offer take note of 10 simple recipes for festive canapés.


For the preparation of the «romantic» canapes need salted or smoked fish, cut into thin layers, cream cheese and bread, for example, a baguette. Bread, cut into slices the thickness of up to 0.5 cm. If you can not find a baguette, it is possible from a conventional loaf slices cut circles for cutting biscuits. Bread strike lightly salted cream cheese. Furthermore, the cheese can add chopped greens. Long thin piece of fish coiled and mounted vertically on the cheese. Tender, tasty and very beautiful canapes ready.


For canapes need cooked and peeled quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, and mayonnaise or cream cheese. Tomatoes cut in half, gently clean the pulp with a spoon. String on skewers tomatoes and eggs to form mushrooms. Using toothpicks mayonnaise or cream cheese to put on the white speck mushroom caps. Below you can with mayonnaise mushrooms parsley leaves paste.


Very unusual and memorable canapes can be made of a completely normal set of products. On a piece of bread to put the cream cheese. Cucumber cut «body» snail resembling a comma. Slim and long piece of red fish folded in half lengthwise, put a thin piece of cheese and a spiral wrap — sink. Wear on skewers spiral, then the «body» of the cucumber and stick a skewer into the bread with cream cheese. Now add the details. Of peppers can be cut out an umbrella and strung him up on a skewer. From a piece of tomato or pepper cut tiny striped — mouth and stick with cream cheese, eyes — peppercorns — and fix cheese.

Multilayered canapes

Very impressive look multilayer canapes. Despite the long description, they are very easy to prepare. Cut into pieces of equal thickness of black and white bread. Better to take a «brick» that the pieces are square or rectangular. A piece of bread spread with cream cheese, put thinly sliced ​​cucumbers and salt. White bread lubricate the cream cheese and lay down on a greased cucumbers. Now grease the top of the cream cheese white piece on him to put the fish, cover with oiled piece of black bread. And redo, interlayers, for example, thin slices of bell pepper or tomato. Finish with a piece of white bread. Assembling a bit like assembling the cake. Stick skewers into a multilayer sandwich at the same distance. Between skewers cut the sandwich diagonally into squares, each skewer is laminated square canapes.

Canape with pate

Very nice, you can apply any or mincemeat pie. On croutons or crackers pastry bag with a serrated nozzle otsadit pate. Garnish with a slice of pepper can, cucumber, olives and herbs.

Cheese kebabs

An interesting idea to feed cheese cutting in the form of tapas or kebabs. Several varieties of cheese cut into cubes with a side of about 1 cm. Close the grapes cut in half and remove pits. If the grapes ‘sultanas’ small size, it can not be cut. Alternately string on skewers slices of cheese and grapes. Recommended to blame.


To create amusing «penguin» need large and small, pitted olives, mozzarella, carrot. Carrots cut into thin slices. Cut the carrot in the circles small sector-triangles. Triangles will beaks and circles — paws. Mozzarella cut a small strip, large olives cut along one side, insert pieces of mozzarella. The olive paste a small piece of carrot, «beak». Collect penguin put on skewers with a little olive beak, large olives with a slice of mozzarella and last — slice of carrot — «foot.» Put penguin on foot. Canape ready!


It is simple, but lovely canapes-boats. Make a «boat»: bread cut small strips, striped top with sausage, a strip of cucumber. Skewers put on a piece of cheese and a slice of a smaller more simulating sail. Stick a skewer into the ground — «boat». On top of the skewer can be attached «box» of peppers or carrots.

Canape waves

Very impressive look voluminous wavy canapes. On a piece of bread put a slice of tomato and cheese. Wear on skewers thinly sliced ​​sausage, strips of cucumber, skewer stick into the ground. Finish can be half the olives. Instead of sausage waves can be strung thinly sliced ​​cheese.


Delicate and light canapés with prawns, cucumber and cream cheese lovers will love seafood. Cucumber cut into thin strips. It is very convenient to do it with a knife or potato peeler cheese. In the middle of a strip put a lot of cream cheese with herbs and salt, cheese put shrimp tail. Wrap rolls and put on skewers. Set the roll on a piece of bread or crackers.

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