10 good rituals that it is desirable to use each

10 good rituals that it is desirable to use each.

1. Praise yourself for any good cause. Make it a rule to do it every day. Three days later, the mood will be smooth and positive, and to begin to treat yourself with great sympathy and respect.

2. compliment the home and family. Do not be afraid to praise, because we are so lacking in attention and kind words! The doctors claim that mental words even help to recover.

3. Thank God for a good day. This ritual has been the law for our grandmothers.

4. Waking up in the morning, smiling. Excellent technique, charges optimistic. And any case will be on the shoulder!

5. Think of a pleasant shopping. This rule is especially true for those who chews at his desk, staring at a computer screen. Harmful shopping rush, think about work problems, is on the run.

6. Meditate. Very useful ritual! To allocate half an hour, close the door of the room and draw a cute heart pictures (sea, mountains, loved ones).

7. In the morning before going to work hugging home. So the native people feel your warmth, love and care. It is important to touch a child – they form a basic trust in his world and people.

8. Find the positive in everything, even if there was a nuisance. Broken heel – but buy new shoes. Not promoted to the post – but less work and responsibility.

9. In the evening, taking a shower, it seems that all the troubles away with the bath water. Shower – a cleansing.

10. Communicate the table with home. Saying good night speech about the day their loved ones.

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